Why I got married

FYI, Jack and I have the same Body Mass Index. Spooky.

Also, we were discussing New Kids on the Block tonight. Spooky. An acquaintance of mine on Meetup.com is trying to organize some of the moms (NOT me) to go to a New Kids reunion concert. Yes, apparently they're on tour. I was reminiscing about the year or so that I liked New Kids before I decided they were lame, right around the time every other girl my age was deciding they were lame. I had the book covers, though. So I was telling all of this to Jack, and then he asked, "Was one of them named Lance?"

I had to get out of bed just to come make this post.




Is knowledge of boy band members a question on Match.com? Or the lack of knowledge, I should say.
Maybe you could submit it and say that question worked out for you.
Was there a Lance in NKOTB? I don't think so....
Hahah! Well, at least he named a member of your bigger obsession.. NSYNC! =) You spent more time & energy on them than it sounds like you did on NKOTB. I actually kind of want to go check out their concert now, more because I didn't get to do it when I was in love with them, and more to see how silly it would be. Too bad you're so far away, we always had fun at various concerts!
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