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Food-related things that are currently changing my life:

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It is good to change the food from something stressful to something nice. I know I was a picky kid (still am) as far as food went and I don't ever remember my parents fighting me on food. I always had trouble going to other peoples houses when mom's said things like, "eat everything on your plate" or "when you finish x you can have more z." But because my parents didn't force food on me that didn't taste good or agree with me I have a much healthier relationship with food as an adult. I almost never finish everything, most of the time portions are too big. I almost never eat things that make me feel bad later which means I wont eat a pint of ice cream or a dozen cookies and also that I wont eat a fish. If you self regulate how much and what you eat from childhood you don't have to think about it later... You just do it.
Food, play, yeah!
So, my granola bars fall apart because they are so soft- I don't bake them. However, I would be afraid to bake them because I like them chewy. Does baking them make them crunchy, or just stay together better?
I guess it depends on the recipe. I just searched for "chewy granola bars" so that I'd be sure to get something that wouldn't be brittle after it was baked, and these are a really nice, soft texture and aren't dried out like some bars can be. This recipe has a lot of peanut butter and some corn syrup (though I used honey), so that probably helps the sticky/chewy factor as well.
Hey Erica,

We are now more on track with Olivia's dietary needs. She has been having problems (ignored by her doctor in Louisiana) almost from the start. Olivia's doctor here has acknowledged her dietary needs (gluten and lactose related) and that acknowledgement got Erin interested in doing some research and talking to friends whose kids seemed to not need things like Mirolax to...well y'know. Anyway, we have found spelt flour, sprouted grain breads without preservatives, quinoa pasta, and probably some other things and Olivia has really turned a corner. She is gaining weight for the first time in a couple of years, she is happy with her regular trips to the bathroom. It is really quite exciting and it appears that all we have done is returned to grains that are more natural, which logically means we should be able to digest them better. Like you, we are and she is enjoying her relationship with food again -phew. Was that a sentence?

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