Fleeing concluded

Kent and I got back safely yesterday evening, much to the excitement of Jack and the slight horror of our cats. Jack went out to get a few groceries and some pizza while we were on the last hour of interstate, and Kent and I entertained ourselves with some Trout Fishing in America to keep from bursting out of our seams about the idea of being home. It was a nice reunion. I have many pictures and stories to share, but that will come later. For now, I'll just say that it was a joy to visit with so many of you, and Kent traveled so beautifully that I'm no longer afraid of car trips with him.

We made a good duo, I think. But we're still better when Jack's around.




Glad to hear you're back safe & sound. I've already seen 2 albums of traveling pics on facebook, actually! One was Nicole's, the other was Emily's. Both times, I logged on and was momentarily confused - thinking, "why is there a kid who looks like Kent in these albums?"
So glad you had safe, relatively calm travels. And, selfishly, I'm glad the hurricane forced you to NC. The short visit was fun, and I feel extra special to have gotten a random visit from you and Kent. Have fun getting back into your regular routine!
Glad you two are back home safe and sound :)
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