Letting the pro step in

I decided a few weeks ago that it was time for Kent to get another haircut, and it was also time for me to turn things over to a professional. My thought was that I'd watch someone cut his hair, figure it out, and then go back to cutting it myself. Well, it went pretty smoothly, and he didn't get upset. He just wiggled a lot, but the stylist was great about waiting patiently for his head to stop moving, and she gave him a couple of things to hold. This place, where Jack also goes to get his hair cut, also has TVs at each chair (they have popcorn and soda too!), so Kent watched a few cartoons. Anyway, as she was combing his hair, swooping in gracefully with the clippers, evening everything out, etc., I thought, "Um, this looks great, and there is absolutely no way I can do this at home." That's okay. We'll let Kim cut his hair every few months. She did an awesome job, and he did really well through the whole thing.




Oh my goodness! He looks so grown up getting a big boy haircut. The little smock and everything. Awww!
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