The migration continues

The plan for the next few days has taken shape. We're putting Jack on a bus back to Baton Rouge tomorrow morning, and then Kent and I are driving to Atlanta to stay with Jack's aunt and uncle for a couple of days. If our power still isn't on by Saturday, Kent and I will continue up the road to stay with Jack's parents in Virginia to wait this thing out. Oy.

Jack needs to go back to work, and this way he can stay home with the cats instead of one of our friends having to drive on tenuous streets with no traffic lights to get to our house each day.

We ate dinner at Panera tonight and happened to be sitting near an older couple from Baton Rouge who had fled on Sunday night (it took them 7 hours to get here to Mobile, which is normally 3 hours away), so we filled them in on what we knew and chatted a bit before parting ways. They were thinking of heading back on Friday, and we told them to get as much gas for their generator as they could before they got back to town, since gas lines are long and most stations are still without power, thus no pumping capabilities. People seem to be fleeing town more than returning, because there just aren't enough open businesses to support the entire population, and it's driving a lot of people batty that they have no idea when their lives will start getting back to normal. I hate that Jack has to go back, but really, he does.

The whole thing just seems crazier the longer I'm away. Not knowing whether I'll be heading home tomorrow or three weeks from now is rather unsettling. Kent is doing pretty well so far, but we can tell that the disruption to his routine is getting to him. We spent several hours today at a really fun children's museum that I'll post photos of later, but then he had kind of a meltdown today at the grocery store as we were stocking Jack up with nonperishables to take home with him, and another meltdown at dinner. His sleep has also been pretty fitful. Of course, this is partly because both of his naps were interrupted today by hotel people knocking on our door... I should have remembered to put out the Do Not Disturb sign. Too much on my mind.

We have to get up at 3:30 tomorrow morning to get Jack to the bus station on time, so I have to get to sleep. Not sure how well I'll sleep, knowing I'm saying goodbye to my husband and that I'm not sure when we'll reunite at home, but I have to at least lie there and pretend to be asleep. Oy.

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Oh my gosh! This sounds really rough. Hopefully in spite of it all, you & Kent can get some R & R with the fam. I'm thinking of you all, and sending much love your way.
(hugs!) How awful!! I'm so sorry. I know how difficult it is traveling alone with a kid. Add to that stressful circumstances...
It's nice that you can join family and maybe get some help with K.

May the Power be Turned on Swiftly!!

(ut potens vertent cursim*)

*sort of
Hugs and hugs and hugs.
hope you're doing ok
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