Refuge in the mountains

A few photos to get you started

Refugees from Gustav

I don't have my camera cord to connect it to my laptop, but Ron has snapped several good photos of us during our time in Virginia. I'll add to this album when I get home and have a thousand more pictures to sift through.

We're here in Virginia just until tomorrow morning, when we head to Winston-Salem, then Charlotte on Thursday, then Atlanta on Saturday, and home on Sunday. Again, tentative, but we're going to get in a lot of unexpected visits. It looks like Ike will be done with whatever he's doing by then and we can return home safely, but the plan changes every couple of days. Luckily I have AMAZING friends and family who are okay with all the up-in-the-air-ness. Kent has done beautifully with all the up-in-the-air-ness as well, so here's hoping the extended stay away from home doesn't take too much of a toll on him in the coming week.

Jack's doing great and is going back to a fully-powered office tomorrow, so he'll be feeling somewhat normal during the day again. He's gotten a lot of studying, yard work, and house cleaning done, and he cleaned out the fridge yesterday to get rid of all the stuff that went bad while we were without power. We miss each other, but things are still working for us individually where we are. It will be so nice to see him in a week, though. I know Kent will love having his Dada around again, too.

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Oh, too bad you aren't coming north, because we definitely wouldn't mind having you, even if we're still living out of boxes. Safe travels, thanks for keeping us updated.
You guys look like you are doing very well floating along. Sometimes it is nice to have no plan at all.
Hugs for everyone from Baltimore-
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