So far, just wet

Things are okay right now. Obviously we still have power, and our internet connection is better right now than it has been in a week! We're getting a lot of wind and rain, but it's no worse than some of the heavy storms we have in the early summer, it's just lasting longer. Last night was pretty freaky for a while, because there was a tornado peeling through the area to our east, heading for us, apparently. The Weather Channel even had this thing about how it was going to be in our neighborhood within 15 minutes. So I was a little freaked. It was very dark outside, so there was no way to see it. It never made it here, and we haven't heard much about damage to the area where it was spotted because all the local stations are still covering the storm in general and probably aren't too eager to send all their camera guys out.

I've been filming a little (not taking any major risks, don't worry), so maybe I'll have some footage to share. It won't be terribly exciting, though, since we don't seem to be getting the brunt of it. We feel pretty safe this morning. Last night, Jack and I made our individual predictions for when we'd lose power; I said 9 a.m., and he said 2 p.m. We shall see.

More as this develops.

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Thinking of you and hoping that you are holding up ok! I'm guessing you've lost power by now - I saw something on CNN about power losses. Take care!

p.s. this is as close to a word that your word verification program has ever come -- isrpuacy. I will entertain myself by thinking of what possible definitions could be!
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