Enjoying the afternoon

I just met with my advisor, so I'm at my old favorite coffee shop (as opposed to my new favorite, which is slightly away from campus). I'm finishing a delicious iced Viennese coffee, and they're playing my favorite Mozart Symphony, the Prague (no. 39). It rocks my ears. There's a little girl about Kent's age who's babbling away next to me. Little-girl-toddler babbling is so adorable, mostly the same syllables as Kent but with a softer, satiny tone. Now, I'm off to pick up Kent from daycare, then take him home and get us both all gussied up for our church directory photo tonight. Jack will have about five minutes at home to gussy himself up, but at least I ironed both of their shirts already. And I don't iron clothes. I think I did it partly because I was already in the ironing groove from all the sewing, and partly because it always reflects on the mom/wife if the husband and child are wearing wrinkled clothes in a professional photo. Why is that still true? A question for another time, I suppose.

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