Happy Pumpkin Day!

We'll be on the road all day for Halloween, so Kent will miss out on trick-or-treating; thus Wednesday was our substitute Halloween. I put him in his costume to go visit Jack at work, where several of Jack's co-workers put goodies in his little bag, and we also went to a party on Wednesday evening.

I made him the bag on Monday. I wanted it to have handles for ease of trick-or-treating and a drawstring so that the bag wouldn't lose all its contents, so once I figured out how to attach handles at the top and fold over the top flap for a drawstring (requiring a bit of logistical engineering), it came together pretty easily. I did consider buying one of those old school plastic pumpkins with a black handle, like I had when I was a kid, but eschewing plastic as I do, I decided to sew one instead. It was a fun little project, and now he has a totally unique treat bag.

Happy Halloween to all!

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I can't stop looking at this photo and smiling... Ok, back to work!
Cute pumpkin boy!!! (and nice bag :D )
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