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And it was awesome, because I followed Alex Guarnaschelli's recipe from her new Food Network show, The Cooking Loft. I didn't know that much about her before this show premiered, except that I had seen her on Iron Chef America as both a contestant and a judge, and I liked watching her cook and talk about food. It turns out that just about everything she makes looks delicious to me.

She's into comfort food, but with some kind of flavor twist, like the tarragon and sour cream in this meatloaf. I didn't use the tarragon she called for, only fresh parsley, since I didn't want to plunk down the money for a package of fresh herbs when I don't actually know what tarragon tastes like. Maybe I'll try that next time. Baking it on a sheet pan with parchment under it, rather than in a loaf pan, made all the difference in the world in getting a nice crust on the outside. It was also very moist from the sour cream and eggs, and I could really taste the tangyness of the ketchup in it. I laugh every time I cook with ketchup, remembering how once, on Iron Chef America, commentator Alton Brown jokingly called ketchup the American mother sauce. Foodie humor.

I loved this meatloaf. Kent loved it. I wanted so very badly for Jack not to be a vegetarian at that moment, so that he could love it too, but what can you do? It's not like I could sneak meatloaf into something, even if I were that devious. This was actually my first time making meatloaf, and I'm glad I had a yummy recipe. Most of it has already been packed up between wax paper layers and put in the freezer, but I saved a few pieces (including the nice crispy leftover end) for a meatloaf sandwich and some bits for Kent.

Now I feel that I have to visit her restaurant in Greenwich Village, which is called Butter — how could you not want to go there? Not cheap, but I'm drooling already looking at the menu. I want to eat every single one of the desserts.

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So when is your next visit? I'm drooling, too!
Love, Mom
Yeah, so is this on the menu for Christmas?
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