Kent pulls a Nicholas, then finds a new fantasy career

So my nephew Nicholas (Joanna's older son) has done many funny, smart, and interesting things in his almost 4 years, but one story that always sticks out in my mind is of the time when he was a baby and he was lying on Joanna's bed, started to pee, got himself in the face, and then started to cry because his face was all wet and he didn't know why. Today, Kent replicated the story. He was already pretty sad because he had just woken up from a nap and I was changing his diaper. I turned to put the dirty diaper in the pail, and when I looked up after just a couple of seconds, his face was soaked and he was crying. (I can only assume what happened.) He continued to cry as I cleaned off his face and then took off his now-wet clothes, but once I got him into a dry outfit and held him a little longer, he decided maybe everything would be alright after all.

He was grumpy through dinner, but after we let him out of his high chair, the fun began:

He has apparently decided that three years old is much too long to wait to start gymnastics and is ready to do headstands. Also, he finds himself hilarious when he's doing these headstands, so we have no choice but to flip ourselves upside down and look back at him to make him giggle even harder. In addition to photos, we also caught a couple of videos (here and here), but he fell 4 seconds into the first video, so it's mostly a lot of crying until he decides he's ready to go back to his spot on the floor and try again. What a pro. At the end of the second one, Jack comes over to wipe Kent's snotty nose, so uh, there's that excitement as well. Now that I've totally piqued your interest, you have to go watch them.

When I was editing the photos to post one here, he saw himself on the screen as a gymnast, said, "Baby!" (what he always says when he sees a picture of himself), and then proceeded to assume the same position that he saw himself making. In the same outfit, of course. Life imitating art, as Jack said while he snapped the pictures.

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You have plastic on your couch.. is that to protect it from Kent or something else?? I'm very curious. =)
The plastic is on the couch because we're sick of Celia peeing on it. She still pees on the plastic a couple of times a week, but at least cleanup is easier until we figure out a better long-term solution. That cat.
Oh goodness! What is it with animals & peeing on things?! They make doggie diapers.. can you imagine a cat wearing one? heheh.
This was Eli's favorite position for several weeks also. He doesn't do it as often anymore, but it was pretty hilarious for a while. And who knows where he got it from?! He loved it when we would roll him over from standing like that.
Oh man! Will has not yet managed to hit his face with urine, but he has managed to hit just about everything else. He has thoroughly soaked himself several times even with a cloth covering his little wee wee. My favorite was when it shot across the room and soaked the bumper in his crib and the wall. Who knew the little man could get that kind of distance?? LOL.
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