Kent's plan

Here was our plan for this morning's pre-Thanksgiving drive to Atlanta:

5:50 — alarm goes off, get in shower, wake Kent up when we're about ready to go
6:45 — on the road


Here's Kent's plan:

3:30 — wake up, stay awake no matter what Dad does to get me back to sleep
4:00 — nurse A LOT, stay awake no matter what! You can do it!
4:40 — have Mom and Dad decide in defeat that they should just get up and get on the road early, since I'm obviously not going back to sleep.

YES!!! I RULE!!!


Maybe we'll miss some traffic this way, she said, hoping desperately for a positive reason to be up this early...

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oh no!

But, hey, we so should have called eachother! We were up, too!!

Happy trails. Here's hoping for a good nap when you get there. Happy TDay!
I,too, was up at 4! Hooray for the No Sleep For Mom club! Hope you guys had little traffic and got some much needed rest at some point. Heather
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