Reclaiming the flag

This is a beautiful week to be an American. I think I'm happier with my country than I've ever been. I've also never been prouder to have come from North Carolina than I am right now. I never thought NC would go for a democrat again, let alone a black democrat.

I was struck as I watched the coverage of people's reactions and Obama's speech that the American flag is for all of us again. After 9/11, it seemed to belong to everyone, but soon thereafter, I felt that it was somehow hijacked by the Bush administration. Some of you probably remember that feeling, that the flag wasn't ours, that the national anthem wasn't ours, if we didn't support the war in Iraq. Obama addressed this in his acceptance speech back in August. Now, I think we get to have our patriotism back. All of us.

I also think we're getting our John McCain back. His speech last night was gracious and inspiring, despite the mob mentality of his fans in the crowd who booed every time he mentioned President-elect Obama and what a great thing Obama has accomplished for this nation. I'm remembering the John McCain I used to like, the one who was a special correspondent for The Daily Show back in 2000, who spoke as he thought, rather than as his misguided advisors told him would be best for his campaign. I'm eager to see him back in the Senate.

I feel very emotional today, knowing that my bright, inquisitive child is growing up in a country that has just elected Barack Obama as its leader. Obama is going to be the first president he remembers. How much of a difference this is going to make for race relations in Kent's generation.

I owned a piece of this campaign, and I was so happy to vote for this man. I reject outright the notion that, as a "blue" voter in a red state, my vote somehow didn't count. It counted. No one person's vote counts for any more or any less than anyone else's. Voting is a social contract; we all agree to uphold our responsibility as citizens of a democracy, and our voices are all heard.

Yes, we did.




I think you had to have been at our house last night. Tucker and I said the same thing about Obama and about the speech by John McCain. If THAT McCain would have campaigned, I am not sure who would have won!

It was nice staying up to watch the speeches last night, and we were glad to be a part of history. Of course, we had another reason to be up that late - WILL!
Your recent posts have made me think about the Cat Stevens song, "Peace Train". If you haven't heard it recently, you should listen to it again.
I know! I too have felt proud to be an American all this week.
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