Anniversary breakfast

Happy 6th anniversary to us! For the first time in several years, we woke up in our own home for our anniversary, and it was nice.

I made us some breakfast inspired by a delicious thing that Anilia made for us when everyone was here for Kent's baptism last year: French toast with banana cream cheese and a bit of dark chocolate. I made French toast as usual, soaking the bread for a few minutes in a mixture of egg, milk, vanilla, and a pinch of sugar, then Jack mixed up some cream cheese, bananas, and honey to go on top. When the French toast was still warm, I sprinkled some dark chocolate shavings on it so they'd get nice and melty, then spooned the banana mixture over it and swirled it all around. It's just the right amount of sweet/fruity/chocolatey. I actually like this a lot better than the apple French toast I made on Christmas Day, so I'll have to remember that.

Our big plans for the day include sitting inside and watching the rain, possibly going to the library to pick out some new books, then finishing the assembly of Kent's kitchen and drinking more wine (sensing a pattern here?) after he goes to bed tonight. We'll have a movie/early dinner date later in the week when Mom and Bill are here, so they can have some grandson time and we can use the movie theater gift card we got *last* year for Christmas and haven't had a chance to use yet.

Mostly, I'll spend today noticing my husband. We've grown even closer through this journey of parenthood, with all the snuggles, arguments, laughter, frustration, and pure joy that it has brought us. He seems to constantly outdo himself as a father, striving to be better for Kent every day, and I love him ever more because of it. Hooray, Jack. Thanks for finally giving in and agreeing to date me.

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Happy Anniversary you guys!!
Yay!!! Happy Anniversary!!!
Happy, Happy! Glad you finally ate that freezer-burned cake before this year! ;-)
Happy 6th anniversary! I meant to look up and see what the traditional and modern gifts were for a sixth anniversary. Let's say, it's paper. Print this out! You'll have your paper gift from me!
Gruncle Mark
congrats! that french toast looks amazing! i might have to try to make it some time.
I'm a few days late, but I thought of you two on the 28th and can't believe it has been 6 years. Happy anniversary!
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