December Photo Project: Day 1

leaves and pine needles on our rain-peppered patio table


I'm finally joining the December Photo Project. 2008 is the year that I've started thinking of my camera as something capable of capturing and creating art, rather than just a way to preserve faces, places, holidays, and the like, so it seems like the right time to jump onboard the project. I'm trying for a photo a day, giving you an idea of what my December looks like. Runners up for each day's photos will be posted in a Picasa web album, because I already had trouble picking just one photo today.




I love your description of art-by-camera--so true. Thanks for joining up on this year's DPP!
That is a really nice photo. It has everything.
We did a project back in the old silver photo process days in which 'serious' photographers were given a simple, fixed focus non-adjustable snap-shot camera and one roll of film that had 12 possible frames and asked to take 6 good photos. They were to be full frame (no cropping) and the format of these cameras was square. We got little of value.
We did the same thing, at the same time, with people that self-identified as 'not serious photographers' and they got several very displayable shots per roll, on average.

I was in the first group. We were embarrassed.

Photography as art involves seeing light and having some feeling for space in two dimensions. You have it. Can't wait to see more.
I like this photo!
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