December Photo Project: Day 14

the tree goes up

After much hemming and hawing about whether/how/where to put up a tree, we decided that the most toddler-friendly options were these:
  1. not having a tree
  2. having a tree and somehow suspending it from the ceiling out of Kent's reach
  3. putting our little artificial tree on the round table in the corner of our living room, surrounded by other furniture
The third option won out, though I am kind of interested in trying that ceiling thing someday.

I put on the lights and a few of our favorite small ornaments, and then our red tree skirt and beaded blue and silver, snow-flake-shaped star finished it off. It's rather cozy, and I feel surrounded by Christmasy warmth now. There's nothing in the world like white Christmas lights on a green tree, even when the tree is three feet high and synthetic.

(also, see Kent's newest video, wherein he sort of counts to 14 before the video camera cuts off)

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There was a florist that used to be in Lewisville, NC that once for attention the suspended, upside down, a fully decorated tree. It was cool and wild at the same time, I think you could appreciate it as well if you did that and then laid on the floor and looked up at it.
Gruncle Mark
I couldn't help chiming in. I love Christmas trees too, so I don't blame you for finding a way to make it work. We've joked about suspending a Christmas tree from the ceiling because of the cats (1 of our 3 likes to eat inedible objects). We've never done it, but this year we are going to try an actual live tree! We had one last year when we were house sitting for Christmas, and now we can't live without it. Joe wanted to put it up on Christmas Eve, but I'm going to be visiting my family, so we are going to put it up on Solstice Eve instead. We are going to decorate it only with paper ornaments that don't have to have string to hang on the tree, so Adam the cat won't die because of the Christmas tree. We practiced last year. We'll have paper loop chains, paper snowflakes and paper origami cranes. I'm still not sure if the cats will gnaw on the tree until they get sick, but at least I will be away visiting the family when that happens. (Jack's friend Katherine)
We decided to put our tree in the living room this year, instead of it's usual position in the family room to Eli's little hands away. Because he's pretty much penned into the family room, he is only with the tree under adult supervision! Best decision I made this year! Otherwise I think I would be constantly putting ornaments back on the tree and vacuuming victim tree needles and branches.
What a nice solution! I love that the furniture serves as blockages to toddler + tree. Also, I love the counting video, especially how he says "thirteen." Too much cuteness!

By the way, my word verification is "spodys." I'm imagining it as some sort of odd utensil related to a spoon! :-)
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