December Photo Project: Day 15

our windowsill cat surveys her domain

Happy Birthday to my uncle Mark, and his dog Lily! It's hard to remember a time when Patti wasn't part of our family, but she used to belong to my uncle, so I thought a photo of her trying to fit on the windowsill and being so very Patti-esque made an appropriate post for December 15.

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I turned 50 today! A half a century. Thanks for the Patti pic/window sill. Randy and his mother are joining us for the traditional Uncle Mark birthday meal.
Smithfield spiral sliced, brown sugar ham, homemade potato salad, the last two quarts of green beans that Irene grew and canned last year. There will be no more. Love
Gruncle Mark
p.s. Lily says thanks, she is 12 today!
Oh yeah and spice cake
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