December Photo Project: Day 17

a foodie photographs her Cajun lunch from Boutin's, including fried shrimp and catfish, remoulade, French fries, jambalaya, corn maque choux, and ketchup with hot sauce

I started thinking today about all the quirky foodie things I do, so here's a quiz for you to help determine if you have as much of a problem as I do. Really, it's more of a confessional, since these are all true for me... but if you have more trues than falses, you're probably in good company.
  1. [T/F] You get butterflies in your stomach at the thought of watching Top Chef, Iron Chef America, and other cooking competition shows.
  2. [T/F] You watch the Food Network regularly and know biographical details of several of the chefs.
  3. [T/F] You fantasize about meeting the chefs you've seen on TV.
  4. [T/F] When people from out of town tell you they are coming to visit, your mind immediately leaps to questions of what you want to cook for them and what restaurants you should take them to.
  5. [T/F] If you blog or email someone about a recipe or restaurant you enjoyed, you make sure to include as many links as possible, just in case they want to recreate your experience.
  6. [T/F] When planning to go to a different city, you enjoy figuring out ahead of time at least one exciting restaurant to visit.
  7. [T/F] When planning to go to a new or exciting restaurant, you look at their online menu to figure out what you want to order.
  8. [T/F] When planning to go to a new or exciting restaurant, you look at their online menu to guess what the other people going with you are going to want to order.
  9. [T/F] You have photographed your food, either at home, at a restaurant, or both (see above).
  10. [T/F] You have photographed your food in front of people you don't know, even when you weren't sure whether it was socially acceptable (see above).
  11. [T/F] You have shared photographs of your food with others (see above).

Scores, please?

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You may need an intervention. But we love you anyway.
I have done all those things except for the first 2 or 3. I do watch Food Network, but I don't watch TV much in general, so I can't really say "regularly". However, I have done every single one of those other things. Ha ha ha.
It's so good to hear we aren't alone!

My husband and I travel quite a bit, and honestly, instead of searching museums and other attractions to see in the city, we research what restaurants we want to eat at!
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