December Photo Project: Day 18

putting our loose change to good use

Our Christmas Suggestion Jar delivered a request several days ago that we gather our change to donate to the Salvation Army, and since then, I've been driving around with a baggie of coins in my car, just waiting until I happened to see a red bucket. Lucky for them, their bell-ringer caught my attention from across a parking lot today, so I grabbed my baggie and talked to this nice guy for a minute, then asked if I could photograph his hand with the bell. I remember in high school when my friend Amy and I volunteered through Key Club to be bell-ringers outside a department store one cold December morning, and we thought our ears were never going to recover from hearing that bell for 4 hours straight.

I have a special place in my heart for those bell-ringers. And those buckets.

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I think this one is my favorite picture of your photo project. :-) Thanks for the happy memory reminder!! I hadn't thought about that in a while!
Nice! The thing I love about your Dec photo project is that there's a blog post a day! (she says sheepishly, who hasn't updated in months...)
Did everyone do that? I was a bell ringer through anchor club...which is like key club.
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