December Photo Project: Day 19

Kent's first candy cane experience proves successful

I also need to post a bonus photo today, because I've wanted to get a photo of this inflatable thing in our neighbors' yard for years, but they never have it inflated during the day, so it's hard to get a good shot. Daylight and the inflated Santa finally came together today.

I did a lot of holiday baking today in preparation for a pre-caroling party on Sunday at our pastor's house, so I made cheese wafers from my grandmother's recipe, more Praline Pecan Crunch, and some peppermint bark (hence Kent's candy cane) from this recipe. The bark recipe warns against letting the dark and white chocolates melt together and instead having a striated effect, but mine melted together anyway, so I turned it into a sort of swirly bark and it tastes just as good. All desserts were sampled while we watched most of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and then we read the Little Golden Book version of The Night Before Christmas (again) because Kent just loves that book. Today.

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That's hilarious! Does Santa have a sidecar for an elf? (like Ron's sidecar) :-)
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