December Photo Project: Day 21

After assembling Kent's new IKEA chairs (from Grandpa and Grandma, for Christmas morning) during his morning nap, Jack and I test their stability by eating our cereal while sitting in them. Safety. That's what it's about, people. Also, fun blue chairs are hard to resist.

There's a red table as well, but I think we're going to wait until Christmas Eve to put that together, since we'd have more trouble hiding it than the chairs. It was hard enough to find a place to hide the giant box containing his as-yet-unassembled play kitchen.

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Kind of Smurfy, isn't it?
Oooo! A play kitchen, that sounds like such a fun gift!
Fun! John is also getting a play kitchen! Maybe they can whip up something tasty together when you guys come up in the spring!
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