December Photo Project: Day 22

I've been making snowflake ornaments today in spare moments, thinking of Jeannette and that first time I made these little cuties with her at her kitchen table in NOLA so many years ago. Pre-kids. I'm pretty sure we drank coffee and just sat there enjoying our beads and conversation. A bunch of family members got snowflake ornaments that year. I feel like I really need a day like that after my tough day today with an Increasingly Defiant Toddler. Coffee, crafts, music, a friend or two, and nothing else. I wonder if I'll ever have a day like that again. It kind of makes me want to cry that I don't see that ever happening. I love my son, but seriously, today was very hard.

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Sorry about your day. Granny can't see the snowflake ornament. For her, it fades into the tree. If you have a chance, make a quick photo of the ornament(s), with a white background maybe, the idea is to create as much contrast as possible. Hope tomorrow is a better day! I'll bet you have dipped into your stach of supermommy patience! Hope Santa brings more!
Gruncle Mark
Dude Daddies can take care of kids too. Sounds like you are in serious need of a Daddy/Son day....like perhaps this weekend? Or, maybe just a quiet Mommy's night out when Jack gets home from work. It is OK to take time for yourself every now and then. A happy momma usually means a happy family. HUGS!
Rest assured that you will have days like that again and some of them will be with that little fellow. I hope that your memories are of the good times as they will come to overshadow the frustrating ones.

I did cry today.

Let's have coffee.
What's so funny about this is that I am actually reading this post while hiding in the bathroom with the laptop. I usually start crashing this time of day, and unfortunately, so do the children.
That kind of day lines up to something my chiropractor told me once, "the days are long, but the weeks fly by."
And btw, I still have that snowflake ornament. The same year I received an incomparable store bought one. Now I appreciate yours even more knowing the story of its creation. Friends and coffee rock!
Hugs from another mom.
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