December Photo Project: Day 24

Kent got a very special job at the Christmas Eve service at our church. During the reading of the nativity story, he got to bring Baby Jesus up to the front and place him in the manger. It was just SO very sweet, my isn't-he-still-sort-of-a-baby big boy, putting Baby Jesus in the nativity scene.

It's been raining off and on throughout the day, so my runner-up photos include one today of Kent playing in the rain. He had a grand time, then cried when I brought him back inside and peeled off his soaked clothes. The rest of the day was quite nice, though, and then our church service was just perfect. Lessons and carols, kids doing the nativity scene (including one boy we just love, who sprinted up the aisle clutching the three shepherds), communion with our church family, and candlelight to finish the service.

Kent got a Christmas Eve book to open, which we all read together while enjoying some cookies and milk. We put Kent to bed, then Jack and I began our new Christmas Eve tradition of opening a bottle of red wine and enjoying a glass together while we put together Kent's present (the red kid table that goes with the chairs I posted about the other day). I can't wait for the year he gets a swing set. We'll need a big bottle of wine that year.

Addendum: after putting together the table, then downing a glass and a half of wine each, we realized that we also needed to put together a rocking chair that Jack's uncle Bill built for Kent. They mailed it in parts, and I just happened to see the box where we had stashed it. Luckily for us, it only required eight screws, because we're both lightweights these days and feel preeeettttttty tipsy. New party game: Drunken Furniture Assembly.

Tomorrow morning, we'll be up early as usual, though this time, we have present opening to attend to, peppermint mochas to drink (which ROCK, by the way), and upside-down apple French toast to put into the oven (it's soaking overnight in the fridge). Yum. Being in our home for Christmas is so different, but I think I'm going to like this a lot.

Sleep well, and treasure your Christmas, however you're spending it. It's magic.

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We love learning how you are developing Christmas traditions. Have a wonderful morning, and hope the assembly work goes well tonight.
We're having the same thing for our Christmas morning breakfast! Minus the peppermint mochas, sadly. And I know what you mean about those darn things - every time I see a Starbucks or am cold, I get a strong desire for a peppermint mocha! Enjoy your french toast, and merry Christmas!
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