December Photo Project: Day 25

See that plate with my delicious Christmas breakfast on it? My little boy painted it just for me. Daddy helped. I might be eating most of my meals from that plate for the near future.

Today was full of all the good things.

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I've really become accustomed to seeing these daily pix and blogs. Is there a chance you will continue with the new "December Photo Project: Day ??" Then January, etc.!? Love you and our original artworks!
Gruncle Mark
It would be really nice, but I don't think I can commit to doing it every day. It's kind of exhausting! The project HAS freed me up to feel like I can just post a photo without a big accompanying explanation, though, so that may continue, at least sporadically. I'm glad you've enjoyed it-- it's been a fun way to spend the month!
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