December Photo Project: Day 4

Today, Kent and I went to a Christmas craft playdate with our AP group. We made cinnamon ornaments (it was rather addictive!), ate lunch, then let the kids do some crazy painting on canvases. There were a lot of mostly-naked, painted toddlers running around, most of whom eventually ended up in the bathtub. It was tons of fun.

Kent is sleeping off all the fun right now, actually, and I'm munching on some of the cookies from the cookie swap we did at the same time. It was a busy playdate, but so worth it, and I can't wait to see the kids do more art stuff together.

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That sounds wonderful! Do the cinnamon ornaments continue to smell like cinnamon for years, or do you think they just smell good for the 1st year?
Anxiously awaiting December Photo Project: Day 5!..Today was Granny and Grandaddy's wedding anniversary. 1953-2008 would have been 55 years. Love Gruncle Mark
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