December Photo Project: Day 6

what I did for a free pizza today

Looks like a bizarre attempt at making a pizza snowflake, doesn't it? This was for a customer service evaluation, and I had to flip the pizza over, then cut it into funny bits and photograph it. But I got to eat it afterward, and it was delicious, as I had expected. I get reimbursed for the pizza and my time, so it was kind of fun. And hey, how often do you get to cut into a pizza with a box cutter?

(Yes, I washed the box cutter first.)

When I first read all the instructions for this evaluation, I thought they had to be kidding, like maybe it was just to see if I could follow directions. But then Jack and I discussed it, and I think there are actually people at this company who spend all day analyzing the photos, possibly even measuring how thick the cheese is or how dark the crust is or stuff like that. Wacky. It worked out well for me, though.

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What a bizarre customer service evaluation for someone to ask for! Can you give more context - where did this come from? My old roommate Lyndsey used to do product testing (e.g., try this lotion and tell us what you think) to earn company points that she could then use to purchase other things - is that the kind of thing this is? In any case, I'm glad you enjoyed your funny pizza!
I work for a couple of mystery shopping companies, and each company they evaluate asks for different things, sometimes including photos of their products for quality control. I also have to fill out detailed reports about my customer service experience (like did the associate try to upsell, did they thank me at the end of the transaction, etc.), and I earn money each time, though it can be anywhere from $3 to $20 or more, depending on how complex the job is. It's not great money, because there aren't a lot of jobs at any one time, but it's a nice thing to get to do every once in a while!
I do evaluations for She Speaks, which is pretty cool. I don't get money, but I get free products to keep (usually stuff to eat, but sometimes other things. I'm glad you put in the disclaimer about the box cutter. That was my first thought.
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