December Photo Project: Day 7

Our church looks absolutely beautiful for Christmas, and today was our first time seeing it, since we were on the road last Sunday and missed the beginning of Advent. I needed this. I had a rough morning, feeling zapped by motherhood and wanting to sleep, but not being able to and then taking it out on everyone else and feeling like a bad mom, yahda yah... those mornings are few and far between now, unlike a year ago, but they're still just awful. Absorbing some holiday spirit, the really good kind of holiday spirit (i.e., the Jesus kind), was good.

We got Kent a potty chair this afternoon, and he's been obsessed with Once Upon a Potty ever since we brought it home from the library yesterday. Tonight, he sat on the potty for a few minutes before his bath, and after straining for a minute, he had some gas. That proves that he was at least trying the right thing, which I found pretty impressive for his first naked potty sitting. I was so proud.

More on this as it develops... we're not going hard-core with training yet, because he's still pretty young, but we're reading, he's reading, and we're letting him play with and sit on the potty as much as he wants. So far, it's fun. Remind me I said it was fun in a few months, okay?

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I'm SO with you on the Grouchy Mom thing. (hugs) BTW, I keep forgetting to mention. I sent a box of clothes last Tues. They should be there any day.

I am the world's Worst PottyTraining Mom out there, so you can rest in that comfort. :)
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