December Photo Project: Day 8

Kent and Gregory

I babysat for a friend today so that she could go to the doctor, so Kent got to play with her son Gregory a bit. Gregory is about 10 months old, just on the cusp of walking, and is very fun and easy. His mom is the organizer of our AP group and also the one who watches Kent every week or two so that I can meet with my advisor, and we trade babysitting among our own little group on Babysitter Exchange, an awesome site for requesting babysitters, with everything done on a point system so there's no money involved. So Kent has gotten to play with Gregory a few times, and he's slowly learning about sharing with others. 18-month-olds can't really be expected to share, per se, so I guess he's just learning to cope with the devastating reality of someone taking the toy he was playing with. Anyway, this was my first time taking the two of them, and it was also my first time babysitting anyone's child since Kent was born. We had quite a fun time, and I'm glad I could help out my friend, since she's saved me this semester after we pulled Kent out of his school.

Still no progress on finding a school yet. I have good weeks with Kent when I think it's definitely feasible for me to just keep him at home until he's old enough for Montessori (about a year from now), but then I have bad weeks when I feel like he just has to be somewhere one or two days a week for me to get enough work done. So I'm dragging my feet. We have a few prospects, but I haven't called or visited anywhere yet. I'm still gun-shy from our previous experience, knowing that there are good places out there but not wanting to rush into this if I can handle having him at home. Because I think that's where he should be if it'll work for us. Anyway, that's where I am right now.

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Aww, Kent looks so cute playing with his friend. I'm sure whatever y'all end up doing with balancing care and work will be right. At the end of the day, Kent knows he's very loved, whatever the arrangement! :-)
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