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When we spent Christmas with my aunt and uncle's family in Colorado a few years ago, we found out about their fun December tradition of putting together a bunch of ideas, then drawing one at random to do each night until Christmas. They did things like watching White Christmas, the old Bing Crosby movie, and listening to music, baking together, etc. I think it's such a fun idea that we're implementing it this year, and yesterday, Jack and I (mostly I) brainstormed some ideas to put in our own suggestion box. Really, it's a jar. Suggestion jar. Okay. So here's my list so far: I'm trying to make a varied list of things that foster creativity, global awareness, charitable thinking, family togetherness... I'm rather ambitious. The list will evolve over time as we figure out our favorite things and think about new traditions to incorporate. I'd also like to photograph what we do and start a collection that might someday be made into a scrapbook by someone who has time to make a scrapbook. This would not be me at the present moment, but someday it might. Photos are fun to have on their own, too. Anyway, what traditions do you celebrate each year, and what other ideas do you have to add to my list? I don't have 24 things yet (for December 1 through 24, kind of like an Advent calendar but without the cheap chocolate), and I'd love to incorporate suggestions from some of you.




You could do what we always did as kids and drive around counting Moravian stars on your side of the car. Then when someone becomes boastful drive by the store that sells Moravian stars, going in the direction that the loser will inevitably catch up and win. :)
My family did this sometimes. Mostly with the younger kids, though. I kind of missed out. We're having a prezzie a day 'til Cmas. The Advent Wreath o' Fun. TOtally gratuitous. Oh well.

You could:
*carol to your neighbors (or at least your friends so that your neighbors don't think you're freaks, no that never stopped my mom)
*Call your grandmothers
*fingerpaint with red and green
Heh, Joanna, I almost wrote "If I lived in Winston-Salem, I'd add driving around and counting Moravian stars to the list"... how you do read my mind. It's almost like we grew up together. =)
Eat cheap chocolate. What are you doing to the Christmas Spirit!
Make one of those paper chains that counts down to Christmas. It's so fun to rip off a link every day.
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