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I just saw this adorable segment on Sesame Street this morning, and through the magic of YouTube, I can share it. The sentiment is great with all the letter-writing and pining from far away (and what a great song!), though I'll confess that the little girl's outfits are my favorite part.

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So adorable!!!!

(And they do have teach these 21st c kids the art of handwriting and mailing a letter)
, but of course, the music is my favorite. I have that in one of the Reader's Digest Songbooks. I'll try to locate it, scan it, and send it to you. You can probably find it on the internet quicker than I'll be able to do this magic!
Love you
Gruncle Mark
Oh Yeah! Fats Waller on Sesame Street? How the production quality has changed since I last saw 'the street.' If I listen to that song enough, maybe I will learn to write myself...

Merry Christmas!
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