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A mom friend of mine here in Baton Rouge adopted her son from Guatemala last year. Tommy was 7 months old when she brought him home, and he's just a couple of months older than Kent, so Tommy and Kent play together a bit and I've gotten to know Tommy's mom, Terry, pretty well this year. She's just started a nonprofit organization called Across All Borders aimed at facilitating adoptions from countries with little adoption support, and she's been pouring her heart into this organization as she tries to get it up and running and get donations.

She's compiled a cookbook with recipes from adoptive families and other families she knows — our family's favorite jelly cookie recipe is in it — and she's selling it for $15. Look over at the right side of the website for the Fundraiser section. I'm definitely going to get one, and if you're interested, she has Paypal set up on her site to accept payments. The price includes shipping, and it should be an awesome cookbook.

Unrelated to Across All Borders, but still interesting to know, is that Terry has collected a bunch of fabric from her family members to make a quilt for Tommy, and she's enlisting me to help. She had this great idea to do a quilt for him, and then she realized she doesn't sew or have any idea how to make a quilt, so I'm going to help her sew it and then teach her how to do a tied quilt. We're turning it into a whole quilt tutorial for our AP group, actually, since a few people heard about it and wanted in on the action. Should be fun, whenever we get around to that. I love empowering people with crafts!

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hi there! this is susan from the AP group. i don't get to read much on the message board ,so i just now found this link about the fundraiser and followed it here to your blog. I won't have much time to read, but i sure do like the pictures!
I love Terry's spirit!
"I'm going to make a quilt!"
"Oh, wait -- I don't know HOW to make a quilt or even sew!"
"I'll get Erica to help me!"

We should all be so undaunted!
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