I need some sort of title about tomatoes and pizza and learning new things, but it's not coming to me

It's already tomato and strawberry season. I do love Louisiana's early springtime. We got tomatoes at the farmer's market both of the last two Saturdays, so we've been having a lot of salads and vinegars and mozzarella and such with our lovely tomatoes. Next week, I think I'll get enough to make fresh salsa, because we've found some awesome tortilla chips that would be great with homemade salsa. A random increase in the saltiness of our old favorite chips (On the Border's brand) drove us to try El Milagro chips. Saltiness is a big thing for me, and since these aren't salted at all, we've been microwaving them to get them warm and release some of the oils, and then when we sprinkle a bit of salt, it sticks. They're thin and crispy, just like Mexican restaurant chips. Perfect.

We had frozen pizza twice this weekend, because The Strep has led me to want a lot of pizza. It's been good. Kent figured out a new, better way of eating pizza tonight, so I thought I should share it.
  1. Remove cheese. Eat it last.
  2. Hold pizza slice by the tip, right side up.
  3. Flip pizza slice toward you, still holding tip, so that it is upside down and you can start to eat the crust.
  4. Flip it back while you're chewing.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 as desired.
And you thought YOU knew how to eat pizza? Should've asked a toddler. Hehehe.

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Sounds like a good way to eat pizza to me. Hope Jack is recovered and you are well on your way.
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