Git yer frozen Os here

IKEA is a wonderland, yes. I've said it before. But those of you who've been there, have you ever seen something there and thought, "I NEED that, but I don't know why yet!"? Such was my experience a few years ago, when I bought silicone ice cube trays with heart and O shapes. I just realized this weekend why I needed O-shaped ice: to put in beverages at our Inauguration party next Tuesday, of course! And I'm dyeing them blue.


I've gotten started early on making the ice since it takes a little while, but it's so worth it. My fingertips are getting bluer with each batch, but it's so worth it. I'm also serving a bunch of O-shaped hors d'oeuvres — deviled eggs, round toasts with spinach dip, round fruit and veggie slices, olives, sausage balls, and a big O-shaped pound cake — a bit of work, but it's so worth it. So far we're expecting about 15 people, though a few more may respond this week. I've asked my guests to bring canned food for our local food bank, as well as some CHANGE (get it?) to donate to a charity that we'll all choose together.

Party prepping is fun stuff.
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That's so cool! Red Os would be cool too, but maybe not together with blues - the drink would be muddy purple when they started to melt. I love the all-O inauguration party!
The original plan was for red and blue, actually, but then I realized that the red ones might actually look kind of pink, and then I thought about the mixing issue and decided it would be silly to have two ice bins. So I opted for simpler (says the woman making blue O-shaped ice for a party).
I'm getting a root canal on Tuesday at 11:30. There's 2 o's in root, does that count for supporting?
Your guest are fortunuate to have such a thoughtful and fun hostess. Have a good time and choose a great charity...
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