Jack = sick; Erica = tired

Friday was such a lovely day. Jack found out in the morning that he passed his MFE exam, so he gets to move on to the last preliminary actuarial exam, and then we had pancakes and bacon with Mom and Bill, went shopping, hung out at home in the evening and had paninis, then said a nice goodbye to them as they prepared to return to NJ.

Then, Saturday morning, the flu hit Jack hard. He is Sick (note the capital "S").

We decided that it was the flu because of his crazy fever that won't quit (he was at or above 102 for most of the weekend) and muscle aches. He's spent the bulk of the last three days in bed, and I've been sleeping in the guest room so that he can make our marital bed as germy as he likes and I can have a "safe" place to sleep. I've had a pretty tough time keeping up with the laundry, dishes, and other housework that he normally helps a lot with, in addition to all the Kent-rearing during the day AND doing all of the nighttime parenting, which he usually takes the lead on.

By nighttime parenting, I mean that he's usually the primary one to get up when/if Kent wakes up, because he doesn't mind doing it and usually needs less sleep than I do. Since that's been the case for the last 18 months, I've gotten used to relying on him to respond first, so I often don't hear the monitor when Kent wakes because I know Jack is handling it. When he's suddenly unable to help out or I'm traveling alone with Kent, it's a big change to the way I sleep, since I know I'm the first responder and every noise that Kent makes startles me awake. Most moms probably deal with this all the time, but I'm really lucky that Jack felt like taking over the nighttime stuff, and I've gotten used to being lucky. I'm going to try to get to bed earlier tonight so that I maybe won't feel so wiped in the morning.

I hope for Jack's sake that he's better soon, but I also selfishly would like to have my husband back so that we can just be us again. He just can't seem to shake this flu, though. He keeps feeling better in the mornings, which is wonderful for me because I've gotten an extra hour or so of sleep yesterday and today after Kent woke up, but then the fatigue and fever will catch back up with him. Even though he was well enough to go to jury duty this morning until they dismissed everyone around lunchtime, he's been exhausted all afternoon and evening. He took some NyQuil and went to bed around 6, right after eating a lovingly-prepared taco.

Think healthy thoughts for him. And down with the flu!

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Sorry, it is too late for Jack, but if you really think it is the actual flu, you might want to head into the doctor. They can test for the flu now, and if he has it, you can get some medicine that prevents the flu and helps shorten the length of the flu by a couple of days and lessen the severity of the symptoms. I'm normally the last person to recommend taking medicine, but Joe and I had the flu at the same time last year, and it was tragic. I got sick first and didn't get the tamilu, and Joe did. His symptoms were a lot milder than mine, even if it still was miserable. And we don't even have a kid! I mean when you are both laid up, who goes and gets the tissues and orange dreamsicle milkshakes?
Orange dreamsicle milkshakes almost makes me want to have the flu. Yum! But then who would take care of the kids.
You're doing great letting him rest up. I don't know how else to fight the flu. I'm hoping we do well this year - only one person got a flu shot.
Hang in there! This too will pass and things will return to normal.
Dude! The flu sucks. I had forgotten how horrible it was until last year when I had it for a straight five days. I hope that Jack feels better soon. I haven't gotten my flu shot yet and you have now given me motivation to get my butt back to the doctor.
Don is out of town this week, and I'm having to pull double duty as well. Note to self: Don't eat black bean soup while breastfeeding. Last night was a long one.
So I gave you my nice fuzzy answer earlier with well wishes and what not. But my real response - go find the fool who went to work or where ever contagious with the flu and beat them up for ruining everything.
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