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How long have we been seeing stickers that say 1.20.09? A few years? Now it's here. We're very excited about the Inauguration around here. I never would have thought I'd paint my toenails red and blue, but the patriotic spirit is grabbing me.


Preparations for our little gathering are coming together. I made the mistake of buying balloons yesterday, thinking I was being smart and planning ahead, but they're looking rather droopy this morning. They might not even be floating by this evening. Oh, well. Nothing can kill my optimism.

We've been trying to teach Kent to say "Obama" for the past several months, and the closest he's come is to say "Baba." That's also what he calls Bobby Flay, incidentally. He's started something new and hilarious, though: when we say "Obama," he says, "Yayyyyy!" and waves his hands in the air. It's his party trick.

The best thing he's learned to say recently, though, is "too." And here's why. Sometimes, when I say "I love you," he answers, "too." It makes me melt. What a sweet boy.
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I love the patriotic toenails! Kent's Obama party trick sounds like the cutest thing ever - may I request a video for the Kent fans across the country? :-) Hope your party is fun! It's not O-themed, but I thought about maybe having a yuppie dinner involving arugula tonight...
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