Weird week

So fo' realz, our family is tired of being sick. I spent a good bit of my day Friday trying to clean Kent up after repeated throwing up (including at a playdate at the local museum, twice at home, then three times in the car throughout the day), taking him to an unimpressive substitute pediatrician because ours was out of the office, not figuring out what was wrong, then watching him mostly get better anyway. She had narrowed it down to a sinus infection (with too much snot in his tummy making him throw up) or a stomach virus... so we were just kind of guessing at treatment.

On Saturday, though, we were all feeling good, so we had a lovely lunch and Wii session at Matt and Steph's. We played Mario Kart, and it was also Jack's and my first time playing Guitar Hero, which I rocked. Such fun. We came home, and by Saturday evening, Kent had thrown up again, Jack was sick, and I was on my way. Last night was decidedly un-fun for the parental units here; every time I woke up last night from snot issues, Jack seemed to be in the bathroom for some reason or another, and Kent woke up a couple of times, so I spent a lot of time getting him back to sleep when really I just wanted to crawl back under the covers. Today was my day to get hit hard, while Jack is on the road to recovery, mostly. But seriously, the strep a few weeks ago stunk, so I thought we had earned a pass or something not to be sick for a while.

I decided to take a shower after we put Kent to bed tonight, and that has helped me feel like a non-gross person, even though my overabundance of snot continues to work its way through my system. I would like to be better, please. Okay, thanks.

Other news from this past week mostly centers around Tuesday. The Inauguration: awesome. I cried a little as we heard Wolf Blitzer interrupt the musicians at noon ET to let us know that Obama was now the president, even though he hadn't yet taken the oath. I tried to explain to Kent how cool the whole thing was. He was pointing at the screen and saying "Baba" (his version of "Obama").

Kent and I met Jack for lunch that day, then went to campus so that I could officially resign from the university. It was entirely too easy to get the form from the graduate school, then take it to the registrar and the bursar's office for signatures and be done with it. After the woman at the bursar's office said, "Okay, you're officially resigned," and I walked out of the building, I teared up. It was too quick, and I felt like someone from the university should have wanted to talk to me about my decision or wish me well or something. Nobody did. I turned in a letter of resignation to the grad school office when I got my form, but nobody read it. Such is life at a giant university, I guess, but I felt like there should have been more of a fuss made out of this major decision. They probably have students resign all the time, but to me, it was a big deal. Kent and I had to take a walk down to Highland Coffees so I could drown my sorrows with a mocha latte, and I have to say, it wasn't as satisfying as I'd hoped it would be. I guess no cup of coffee could bolster me enough after such a crazy day.

So with all of that suddenly behind me, I brought Kent home and we got ready for our party. It was a great success, with a few little boys playing in various rooms of the house, friends from school/church/my mommy group getting to know each other, and yummy food (even though I forgot to make the stuffed mushrooms I had planned and to put out the bag of red, white, and blue Terra chips I had bought). Mary and Gaines (Kent's sometime babysitters) brought a king cake, and then Gaines got the baby, which was kind of funny since the person who finds the baby in his/her slice of cake is supposed to provide the cake for the next year's get-together. We also watched McCain's concession speech and Obama's victory speech from election night, which I can't bring myself to delete from our DVR, and then we watched the recorded Inauguration festivities from that morning so that everyone who hadn't a chance to watch/listen to the speech could do so. Several of my friends later remarked that it was nice to be with people who wanted to celebrate the Inauguration, since much of Louisiana is a sea of bitter red voters.

One note from Tuesday: did anyone else notice that as the Obamas were escorting the Bushes onto the helicopter, President Bush saluted President Obama for like half a second? I have no idea whether this is traditional or whether he was just feeling moved in the moment, but I still appreciated it. I always want to believe that he's a real person, and that salute confirmed it.

It's now bedtime for the sickos in Baton Rouge. Here's hoping tomorrow has less snot and no throwing up.

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Hugs to the sickos. :) Hopefully you'll pull yourselves together before the month is out so that February can totally rock!
I am so sorry to hear you are all sick. I am just recovering from the flu myself and can't imagine trying to do it with baby and John sick too. Here, here to being totally over it!
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