Yikes, and double yikes

I've been afraid of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) for a while now, because it's a processed sweetener that requires toxic chemicals to extract it from corn, and our bodies can't break it down, unlike regular sugar, agave nectar, and cane syrups and such. So I've been reading labels, avoiding HFCS where I can, meaning I love Kashi and no longer buy Nutri-Grain bars, processed breads, etc. Seriously, it feels like this stuff is in just about everything that used to just have regular sugar.

Now, it's time for *everyone* to stand up and take notice of this scary stuff. A recent study found that just under half of test samples of HFCS had mercury in them. Yes, mercury. A poison, no matter how little you consume. See the Washington Post article. And please read labels before you buy.

For the first time, I'm eyeing the Dr. Pepper in my house suspiciously and seriously considering not drinking it. Mercury. Dude.

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