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We had a power outage tonight. Actually, we're still in the middle of a power outage as of 8:25 p.m., but I chose to maximize my laptop's dwindling battery and get some posts written in Notepad, even if I don't have internet access to publish them yet.

Jack decided to do a few dishes, since they'd been backing up on him like crazy this weekend. I baked a lot and also cleaned out the fridge yesterday, and then we had pancakes this morning. After I mentioned something about the dishes this afternoon, he said, "Oh, did I remember to tell you that I'm resigning from doing the dishes?" And I said, "Oh, have you decided to stop eating?"

Anyway, Jack was not to be deterred by the power outage. Armed with our awesome shake-and-charge LED flashlight, a random Christmas gift from my mom a few years ago, he was able to wash a few containers and utensils. I was holding the flashlight for him at first — what else did I have to do while the power was out? — until I realized that the confluence of a cord on the flashlight and a cabinet knob right above him would allow me to be even lazier. Here are photos of the arrangement:

with flash, so you can see what it looks like

without flash, so you can appreciate how dark it actually is in our house right now

(We got power back on just now, at 9:05. Go, Entergy!)

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electric power is so nice even if it is not so green....
I love your response to Jack. They would starve without us.
Brad is the dishwasher loader in our family. I used to do it until someone complained about how I arranged the dishes. I won't touch them now. It's ok, though, he doesn't mind.
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