Elements of a nice day

  1. Sleeping in until 6:45. Yes, that counts as sleeping in here.
  2. Wearing my new green pima cotton t-shirt that I got for $7 yesterday at the Gap outlet.
  3. A walk to the park after lunch, wherein we swung, bounced, and slid on the old equipment and also discovered that they're upgrading the park with a new play area and awesome new equipment.
  4. Picking dandelions on our walk, then talking about the colors on the dandelion when we got home and drawing a cool yellow and green picture. It's all scribbles and pointillism, but it's very neat to watch him create.
  5. Sorting and putting away Kent's toys. I love when all the pieces are back in all the puzzles, all the play food is in his kitchen, and all the blocks and toys are in bins.
  6. A productive trip to Target, wherein we found an Elmo book (which kept him occupied at the store) and Elmo baseball socks (for his Easter basket) in the $1 section.
  7. Counting school buses on the way home from Target. Official count: 13.
  8. Watching Elmo's Potty Time (again) from the library, and remembering how awesome the segment is on how toilet paper is made. Seriously. Here's a video from The Discovery Channel on YouTube that gives you an idea. They make a roll that's bigger than my car, then unroll that onto smaller rolls that are still about 20 feet long, then finally slice those into the rolls we buy. I so want to visit a toilet paper factory now.
  9. Making veggie omelets, cheese grits, and fried green tomatoes for dinner.
  10. Realizing that my bad mood and difficult day yesterday were only temporary and that Kent is, in fact, fun to be around again.

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Fried green tomatoes! I am so jealous.
Shall I add them to the menu for Easter weekend? =)
I'm thinking "Crayola Factory" visit in a couple of years!
Yes, please do.
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