The difference between our viewing of Sesame Street most days and our viewing of Sesame Street today: today, it was LIVE! We went to the big arena downtown, and since Jack works less than a mile from there, I drove to his office and had him drop us off and pick us up after the show. I felt really lucky not to have to battle for parking, since I heard from my other mom friends who got tickets with us that it was kind of a nightmare. The show itself was great, though. Screaming kids all around us bounced around in their seats or on the floor. They squealed like teenage girls at a 1964 Beatles concert when Elmo came out. They laughed hysterically when the characters fell down or did other slapstick stuff. (Adults apparently forget how funny it can be when someone falls over.) The people dancing inside the costumes were really talented, too; they reminded me of mascots who can also do funky dance moves in sync with each other. A lot of parents would probably shudder at the idea of all of that aural and visual chaos, but my mom friends and I had a great time (some of us reliving our Sesame Street memories from our youth), and we think the kids had a pretty good time, too.

I know, blurry. It was the best I could do from the second level of the arena. If anyone wants to get me a camera with a better lens for my birthday in May, I won't argue.

Kent tried to hold hands with his little friend Taylor before the show. She's just the sweetest thing, and I totally want them to date someday. Kent is very into hugging and hand-holding with *all* other kids these days, so I don't think he was really showing her any special treatment or anything. I still love it.

He was so wiped that when Jack, Kent and I went to lunch after the show, Kent fell asleep in my arms and then slept while I carried him back to the car. He proceeded to sleep for another hour; he was still asleep when I pulled into our driveway, so I grabbed my laptop and brought it back outside and checked my email while I waited for him to wake up. Wireless technology at its finest.

Today was a great day, despite the rain and general yuckiness. I adore Sesame Street in just about every manifestation.

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