Yeah, we'll see.

"Perennial" is M-W's word of the day today, catching me just in the middle of my garden planning. I'm not sure that I'll keep my plants alive long enough for them to be classified as perennials, but maybe I'll surprise me.

I'm planning a modest little raised bed and got a lot of helpful info from this wikiHow article. I decided I want it to be 2' x 6', and Jack is going to build the frame for me out of lumber. Maybe we'll try something more decorative in the future if this one works out. I've visited a couple of different plant stores and made a few decisions: I know I'm going to plant some Coleus, because I just love all the varieties and think it's a very nifty looking leafy plant. I've also psyched myself up to plant two tomato plants, probably a hybrid variety (like better boys or early girls or something) and a cherry tomato plant (perhaps sweet 100). My grandmother suggested onions, which sound fun and easy, but I'm not sure where to find them. If I can't find onions, I may try my hand at bell peppers.

I'll also transplant my potted herbs to the ground so they can spread out and be comfy, though I need to get new basil plants because I've already, um, killed the two I bought last week. They started out VERY small, and I think I overwatered them. My parsley and cilantro started out as much bigger plants than the basil, so they're growing like crazy and are very healthy. I might look for a mint plant, too, since the promise of mint tea and mojitos in the summer is pretty tempting.

I've found some nice flowering perennials at both stores, so now I just have to decide which few to try in the remaining spots in my garden. I have a lot of ideas, like this orange variety of Calibrachoa and Grace Ward Lithodora. I think I'm also going to plant my Valentine's Day Dianthus plants which are currently doing fine in their pots but which might like some space to move around in.

I need to save a little bit of space for a contingency: Kent's first seedlings. A few weeks ago, when we were at Lowe's to buy potting soil for my herbs, I bought him a little Dixie cup gardening kit with three sunflower seeds and a pod of dirt. We came home and I showed him how to plant them, and since he has no attention span, he basically forgot about it. The seed pot sat out of his reach so the seeds could germinate in peace, and after a while, I started to wonder if anything was going to happen. I actually dug around in there with my finger a couple of days ago to see if there was any progress, because I didn't necessarily trust this little $1 garden in a Dixie cup. I saw a tiny green shoot coming out of one of the seeds, so I gently buried it again.

This morning, on his way out the door, Jack said, "Oh, by the way, your plant is sprouting."

Woo-hoo! Only one of the seeds has made it to the surface so far, but maybe the other two will follow suit soon. Once they get big and sturdy enough, we'll put them in the ground, and Kent can learn to tend plants while I learn to tend plants. We're in this together, kid.

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A word from the wise, mint is very invasive. It will spread and take over everything, unless you can grow it in a pot. ?? Ask the brain at your local garden center. Squash or Zuchinni. Both make a very wide and large plant though. Beets or potatoes underground long row or partial row. ??
never mind my rambling. I have never heard of nor seen the plants you mentioned in your blog. They are both gorgeous in there own way.
I remember mint spreading all over Mom and Bill's garden when I was a kid. I was thinking I'd just keep an eye on it, but I may take your advice and keep it in a pot! The other veggies are a good idea, and I may try them next year after I see how a smallish garden goes this year. I don't appreciate fresh squash nearly as much as fresh tomatoes, though. =)

Thanks, I'm excited about seeing what happens!
Rock On! Your plans sounds great and I can't wait to see pictures. I am also interested to see how your bell pepper plants do in LA. I have never had any luck growing them here in NC.
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