Spring Tour '09: Atlanta

Our first stop on road trips to the east coast is almost always Atlanta, where we stay with Emily. This time, I got there early enough to eat dinner with her, and then Kent got to play in her house a little before bed. She has a sweet little play kitchen and other toys for her godson to play with when he comes to visit, so Kent had fun with that. Then, he discovered the exercise ball. He rolled it around and banged on it for a while before bed, and then it was the first thing he wanted to play with when he woke up the next day. Apparently, I need to get an exercise ball.

We also stayed with Emily on the way back home, though she had a ton of schoolwork to do and was gone for most of the evening. I fell asleep before she got home, but Jack stayed up and chatted with her since he hadn't seen her on the trip up (he flew straight to Raleigh two days after we left to avoid having to take unpaid leave from work). I did get to see her the next morning before she left for work, and we hit the road shortly thereafter.

I feel like we're always visiting Emily on the way to something else, though, which kind of stinks. She's definitely saved us hundreds on hotel bills, which is probably what we'd be doing most of the time if we didn't have a place to stay on the way to NC. Emily's house is so comfy and she's always a great host, like when she leaves the door unlocked for us even if she has to be out all evening writing a paper. Thanks, Em.

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I hate that I couldn't hang out! I like that you come see me, no matter how it goes. WE had a lot of fun!

Love you and miss you.
What an adorable photo!
It's good to see Emily!
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