Bunny Hop

We went to this Easter/spring thing for kids called The Bunny Hop out at the state fairgrounds a couple of weeks ago, and I have all these pictures that I meant to share. You know me and posting pictures.

Apologies for my unshowered self. The egg hunt for Kent's age group was pretty early, so we dashed out of the house after breakfast. I'm not sure I even brushed my hair before we left. Despite that, try to enjoy the photo fun.

The egg hunt for kids under 4. Thousands of eggs were just tossed onto this big field. Plenty for everyone, but not a lot of a challenge.

Kent gathers eggs for his basket.

Sun in curls. Delicious.

A basket full of cheap eggs with cheap candy. Score.

Kent was less than excited to sit on the bunny's lap. Jack swooped him up about 2 seconds after I took this picture, because we're determined not to be the kind of parents who make their crying child sit for a long time on the lap of a costumed creature that freaks them out, just to try to get a good picture.

Kent got to sit in a fire truck and then got a goody bag from the firefighters that included a super cool flashlight keychain.

Kent's first bouncy house experience.

Kent's first pony ride experience. He LOVED it, and so did I!

Kent loves on a pygmy goat at the petting zoo (which Kent now refers to as the "little zoo").

More petting zoo fun, with a sweet kitten.

Telling myself that we realllllly didn't need another kitten.

One of many crazy-looking chickens inside the farm house.

So, we'll just end with the crazy chicken. Bye now.

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