Dinner tonight

I also made espresso ice cream with hardly any sugar, so it tasted like an unsweetened frozen iced coffee. Highly recommended to those of you who like unsweetened coffee and have the means to make your own ice cream. It's going to pair beautifully with my chocolate pound cake that Jack is making for my birthday tomorrow, but I couldn't resist digging into it tonight. Kent was not such a fan, though. I think he was cross with me for promising him ice cream and then delivering something that did not taste like dessert to him at all.




*GRIN* I always add viriditas in my salad. LOL.
You know I only used that word for you. =)
Happy Birthday!!!!
Call me when you have a moment today. I don't know what your schedule is...
mmmmm. . . ice cream
MMMMM. . . homemade ice cream
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