The Garden Experiment: week 3

Kent amuses himself by chasing pill bugs around the patio while I tend the garden. Seriously, whatever works.

Full view of the garden this morning

Ladies and gentlemen, we have tomatoes. I forget whether this is the Superfantastic plant or the cherry... time will tell, I feel certain.

The Brandywine tomato plant is actually producing flowers and fruit! I'm pumped!

One of Kent's sunflowers is taking off. The other (at the left of the photo) is kind of struggling, but hey, we got one great plant from a 99 cent dixie cup garden, so I'm pretty pleased.

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Looks great! Make sure none of the little bugs get into the vegetarian salad!

Cherry tomatoes usually grow in clusters, so I think that one must be superfantastic. But as you say, time will tell.
Your garden looks great! We're going to get our stuff next week - it's just not quite as warm up here as it is for you! We usually do tomatoes and basil, and this year I have strawberries, too. We'll see how it goes. . .
Wow, Erica, it looks great. I would go ahead and cut off the smaller of the sunflowers. If it has not come on by now, it may be a weaker plant. And by removing it it allows the other to have access to more nutrients. Also you may want to put a stick in the bed and tie it as it continues to mature.
Hey--our hummingbirds are back and asking why there is no bird feeder out..I need to go fix that.
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