Popular Kent phrases around our house lately

Recalling our trips to the airport to pick up and then drop off Grandma and Grandpa this past weekend: "I told you big plane take off!" (I don't know where the "I told you" thing came from, but it's hilarious, and it's his first use of "I," which is exciting.)

And a variant: "Grandma told you big plane take off!"

Playing peekaboo, covering himself up with a blanket: "K go?" and then, "I no see where!"

While attempting to sit on a very alarmed cat: "K sit down Celia!"

When he wants one of us to hold him: "Mama hold you!" or "Dada hold you!" (He usually uses "you" when he means himself, since that's what *we* say when we're talking to him. This particular phrase originated when he'd put up his arms and I'd say, "Do you want Mama to hold you?")

In preparation for our trip to the museum today: "Me you Friday!" (It took us weeks to figure out that "me you" meant "museum.")

and one of the funniest, which just started yesterday...

Looking at the pine cone bird feeders we made yesterday that are hanging from the patio umbrella: "Uh-blebla ice cream cone!" (He seems to be remembering that it's some kind of cone, he just can't remember which kind.)

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