29 (this year only)

On my birthday yesterday, I was...

Feeling sad at first, since I still had to do SAHM things like cleaning up poo on my birthday, until Kent and I had a little talk (mostly for me) and I decided we were going to have a fun rest of the day.

Smelling my new SJP Lovely perfume from Jack, and the lingering aroma of the chocolate pound cake he baked for me the night before.

Eating Waffle House waffles and bacon for breakfast with Jack and Kent; a Starbucks iced mocha, a banana and snacky foods for lunch; shrimp fajitas for dinner at our fave Mexican place; and aforementioned pound cake when we got home.

Feeling the sun on my shoulders and the water between my toes at the sprayground, where Kent and I went for some swimsuited fun in the fountains.

Relaxing during Kent's two-hour afternoon nap. Say it with me now: ahhhhhhhhh...

Checking Facebook and my email and getting tons of great birthday messages.

Rubbing aloe on Kent's and my sunburns. Sunscreen was apparently not waterproof.

Reading my new book of nifty sewing projects from my sister Morgan before bed and scheming.

Hearing fun phone messages and having wonderful conversations with family, including listening to Anilia's interesting birth story. I love birth stories.

Thanking God that I have a wonderful little family in my house who loves me more than anything.




Ahhhhh. Best wishes for the coming year. Much love and hugs.
ditto to what my mother says...
besos for everyone!
YAY... sounds like a great birthday!! :-)
I'm glad you had a fabulous time! On a side note, I wear Lovely, too! :) Hope you have a year full of lovely days. Heather
Good for you (for promising to have only ONE 29th birthday). There's no reason not to take credit for every single one of 'em!
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