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Okay, one more recipe: Giada's Pasta Ponza. This was our dinner tonight, with a baguette. AMAZINGLY good. The roasted grape tomatoes make this explosively good fresh sauce, and the breadcrumbs add a great amount of seasoning. I was thinking that I might try it with regular tomatoes instead of grape tomatoes sometime this summer, when I'm likely to be staring at tomatoes all over my kitchen and wondering what to do with all of them.

Note: in the episode where she cooks this, Giada goes into an explanation of why you should toss cooked pasta with parmesan cheese before you add the sauce (the cheese sticks better), but the printed recipe says to toss it with the sauce first, then the cheese. I've started noticing that a lot of recipes on Food Network's website deviate from what was said in the show, and the change is usually for the worse, not the better.

This recipe comes from Giada's new show, called Giada at Home. I was starting to feel like her old show, Everyday Italian, was getting a little flat, like I could watch the first three minutes of the show and predict exactly how she was going to cook everything because it was a minor deviation from some recipe I had already seen her make. Being in her own home has breathed new life into her culinary output, though. Or maybe it was having a baby. I'm kind of hooked on the new show — I've always enjoyed her flavor profiles, so it's a lot of fun to have some new recipes that aren't exactly the same as what I've already seen.

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