Kent paints and narrates

Making the most of our unseasonably comfortable day, Kent and I went outside to paint this afternoon. He experimented with the foam paintbrushes on a big sheet of easel paper, and he kept narrating which color he was using. During the video, he says, "little bit green" as he puts a dab of green on the paper, then "little bit blue," and later, "little bit purple". Watching him paint like this definitely put a spring in my step all afternoon, and Jack was pretty entertained when he came home and watched the movie.

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Emerson and I enjoyed watching Kent this morning. That way when they meet E will already have heard his voice :)
my word is "nonspley" which is funny to me for no reason I understand
I love how he stops and really spends time trying to decide which color to use. Boy Erica, you are going to be in big trouble when he gets to be about 4 and knows his multiplication tables and is reading Harry Potter. He'll need to go into 6th grade!!!
That was from Barb, forgot to sign my name!!
I love it! So cute.
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