Local and homemade yummies

Yogurt is good.

Yogurt with fresh berries is better.

And yogurt with local blueberries AND homemade granola? THE BEST!!

I used Alton's granola recipe here and was thrilled with the results, though be warned that it takes only about an hour to cook, instead of the hour and fifteen minutes he calls for. I pulled mine out of the oven just as it was on the verge of burning. Despite being a little darker than I would have liked, it's still delicious. Kent loves it, and I'm already thinking that yogurt, berries, and this sweet granola is going to be our go-to summer dessert. If only we could get Kent to eat yogurt again, like he did when he was a baby... alas.

I also used one pint of blueberries to make blueberry jam from the Joy of Cooking recipe, lest you people think I only use Food Network recipes. I can't wait to spread it on toast tomorrow. I think it might be way too sweet, but maybe it won't be. I just love that book, though, and I don't feel bad writing notes to myself in the margins, like to use less sugar next time.

In even more exciting food news, we're in the CSA! I know, I know — you've followed the saga, you've hoped and prayed for us... and today, I got an email from the farmer saying that they had a family unexpectedly move to Oklahoma (!) and that they had an opening for us. We're going to turn in our form and our money on Saturday morning, and in return, we get to take home all the corn and potatoes we could possibly eat, plus whatever else is ready by then. Yum. And huzzah!

I'm already pumped about finding new ways to use common ingredients, and each year, I get a little better at making sure most of our produce is seasonal. For example, we hardly ever buy strawberries unless they're from around here, which means January through June and supplementing with frozen ones from our local produce place, because California strawberries waste too much gas getting here and don't taste anywhere near as good when they've been picked early and ripened on a truck. This is pretty much my problem with all produce that's had to travel too far, though I do make an exception for avocados, because I love them. I make exceptions for all kinds of other stuff, too — I'm definitely not an ideal "eat local" person. I just think it's important for us to be aware of where our food is coming from and the resources used in getting it to us, because man, that's a lot of gasoline and manpower that could be used for better things.

I'm looking at our freezer space and thinking it might be about time to get a small chest freezer to hold stuff we want to store for later, like the pesto I'm going to make from our garden, and all this corn we're about to find ourselves swimming in. I guess I can make do for now, since I managed to find places to store all the cubes of baby food I was making this time last year.

One more bit of news: to replace the cilantro plant that was just taking up space in our garden and being annoying with its flowers and lack of edible leaves, I bought a Little Lucy okra plant (a dwarf variety). I get to be an okra farmer now!

Yes, I am totally geeking out on farming and produce.

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Congrats on getting in the CSA! I highly recommend a small chest freezer. Or an upright one -- the only pain about the chest freezer is that it requires digging & taking things out to get to stuff at the bottom. That would be less of a problem with an upright one.

Have I told you about our dry erase board system? When we put things in the freezer, we write what we put in (e.g., cajun soup), along with a V or M (for veggie or meat) and the number of containers. Theoretically we change the numbers when we take something out, though sometimes we forget. But it's GREAT. When you're not sure what you have for dinner or what ingredients you've stored away, it's like having a menu in your own house! Highly recommended an relatively easy to implement.
Lauren that white board idea is brilliant! Erica, so awesome about the CSA. We always think about joining but I am so picky I never think it will work. But maybe with Jeremy and Crissy across the street, cause she eats all kinds of weird stuff...
E has the hiccups again :)
Hey I am glad you made the and cut...corn pudding, I highly recommend this southern treat and corn spoon bread...although that may be field corn... hey and best of luck in the ice cream competition!
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